By Julien Rasquinet

Inspired by the famed Gladiators of Ancient Rome, courageous warriors who dominated and entertained in the Colosseum, Gladiator Oud opens with a powerful and thrilling accord of salty, elemental ambergris. Cardamom combines with the cool of Egyptian geranium for an impression of steel and strength. Hay absolute, Haitian vetiver and cumin seed capture the sun warmed earth of the gladiatorial arena. Oud oil and cedarwood bring nobility and elegance to the battle, with the gold and glory of victory elicited through accords of intense saffron and honey.

This fragrance exudes luxury and elegance.

Fragrance Notes & Ingredients

Olfactive Family: Ambery Spicy Oud

Saffron accord
Cumin seed Oil

Honey accord
Geranium oil Egypt FOR LIFE LMR
Hay Abs LMR*
Immortelle Abs Balkan LMR

Oud Oil LMR*
Patchouli Oil Indonesia FOR LIFE LMR*
Ambregris accord
Cedarwood Oil Atlas
Vetiver Haiti For Life LMR*

*LMR ingredients are the highest quality natural perfume ingredients, see below for more details.

All of our fragrances are Pure Parfum/Extrait.


Additional information


Gladiator Oud is the third perfume in the EMPEROR Collection: a collection handmade in an Atelier in Grasse, including the finest LMR* oils. We create pure parfums of exceptional quality and performance, created by master perfumers.

*LMR was founded by Monique Remy in 1984 in Grasse, the heartland of perfumery to redefine the standards of natural ingredients by producing and crafting the highest quality natural ingredients.  LMR Naturals ingredients are responsibly sourced and dedicated to helping nature thrive. Each step of the vegetal supply chain: quality, innovation, cost and fair relationships with partners, ensures transparency and traceability. 



The gladiator we had in mind as our inspiration for this scent is a noble warrior. A victor with the courage, power, wisdom and skill necessary to win in the gladiatorial arena, but also a natural born leader with confidence, integrity and dignity. We imagined a charismatic character commanding deep respect and affection like Maximus Decimus Meridius the legendary Gladiator played by Russell Crowe. 

My dream was to create an iconic perfume befitting the name: an addictive and wearable oud combining the skill and physicality of a combat with the nobility of a true leader; all within the impressive theatre of the gladiatorial arena. 

To realise this we collaborated with  Julien Rasquinet. Gladiator Oud is a magnetic, unisex and effortlessly confident scent.


The reviews are rolling in

“It has eternal longevity with excellent projection and a superb sillage’.”

“From the moment you spray the precious elixir imbued with rare resins and exquisite oils, it unleashes a perfumed shield of strength across the skin.”

“The golden glow of victory is elicited through accords of saffron and honey, while the purest Oud oil, Egyptian geranium and cedarwood oil give this perfume charm, nobility, poise and elegance.”

“A statement making luxury fragrance that will appeal to the challenging fragrance connoisseur, as well as those who are wary of oud.”



Electimuss roundel

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