CAPUA 100ml

By Christian Provenzano

This daring and sultry smoky cedar demands attention. The bright citrussy entrance, pivots quickly to reveal a darker side: a spicy smoky cedar and incense heart shadowed by a deeply seductive base.

This is an irresistibly challenging scent, guaranteed to turn heads and break hearts.


Perfumare is Latin meaning “to smoke through”, the origin of the word perfume. The ancient art of perfumery was revered and refined by the Romans and Capua was the heart of the perfume industry.

Seductive and spicy, this smoky wood scent uses rare and exotic ingredients gathered across the Silk Road from west to east.

Fragrance Notes & Ingredients

Elemi, Sicilian bergamot, cypress, Madagascan tagetes

Cedar, Egyptian cumin, Indian nagarmotha

Cedar, Indonesian vetiver, amber, Kashmir Wood

All of our fragrances are Pure Parfum/Extrait.



Additional information

Capua the heart of Roman perfumery – this seductive and smoky wood scent has a medicinal top and warm spicy base with rare exotic ingredients from across the Silk Road.


Our brand was and is inspired by the passion for perfume in ancient Rome, as well as the rich tapestries of the Roman empire and Roman mythology.

Electimuss means ‘To choose the best’ in Latin and this ethos is at the heart of our brand. We care passionately about quality, about using rare and exquisite oils, and using new and unusual materials in high concentrations. We pay intricate attention to every detail of every scent and every note from top, middle and base.

As the minutes go by, a powerful smoky character takes over the creation, flanked by a powerful cedar wood that make up the heart of the fragrance.

Although it takes a long time, that intensity of the heart decreases until it mixes with a base of vetiver, earthy and green, accompanied by a more timid point of amber. A wonderful scent that on my skin has an awesome performance.

Electimuss roundel

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