AMBER AQUILARIA Travel Set Refill (5 Travel Sprays)

The set includes five 10ml travel spray refills designed to go in our atomiser, so you can spritz wherever you roam.

Amber Aquilaria by Julien Rasquinet

The finest Agarwood is extracted from the Aquilaria tree. Its rich cognac notes form the base of this exquisite fragrance.

Bright, sparking bergamot notes melt into a heart of rich velvety rose before falling into an opulent pillow of warm amber, sandalwood, Bourbon, vanilla and Aquilaria Oud.

Electimuss translates “to choose the best” and that ethos is the essence of Amber Aquilaria. The finest oils and resins in this fragrance are rare and precious and have been blended with meticulous attention paid to every note exuding luxury and elegance.


5 travel size sprays of Amber Aquilaria (10ml each), 50ml perfume in total.
NB Atomiser not included in this refill set. If you are looking for the atomiser purchase a Travel Atomiser Set rather than this Refill Set.


Additional information


Electimuss is famous for beautiful decanter style bottles that adorn a dressing table, but at 100ml they aren’t designed to travel. Now you can enjoy your favourite Electimuss perfumes on the go with our new travel atomisers and refill sets. Available in single scent sets and curated mixed sets.

Our beautiful gold and purple atomiser is an object of desire, a portable luxury. The design echoes our full size bottle with the bevelled rose gold surround combined with panels in our signature brand colour, regal purple and a very pleasing magnetic lid that self-orientates.

As a finishing touch, the Aquila eagle on the lid, a Roman symbol of strength, courage and beauty is surrounded by a mosaic symbol of eternity making the atomisers a hidden talisman in your bag.

Electimuss roundel

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