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About Electimuss

Literally translated, Electimuss means to “choose the best”. Inspired by Ancient Rome’s passion for perfume, the luxury fragrance house creates scents that are daring, decadent and powerful, using finest ingredients. Electimuss was founded in 2015 and now features five collections, with 20 perfumes with more upcoming launches this year.


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Niche fragrance house Electimuss London launches GLADIATOR OUD perfume

Gladiator Oud Perfume Global Launch 9th March 2023

Niche perfume brand Electimuss London is renowned for its opulent fragrances inspired by Ancient Rome. Introducing the latest launch of Gladiator Oud perfume into the Emperor Collection – incorporating exquisite oils and resins of rare quality.

Under the Creative Direction of Claire Sokell Thompson, Julien Rasquinet has created Gladiator Oud combining courage and nobility – inspired by Maximus Decimus Meridius the legendary Gladiator played by Russell Crowe.

Inspired by the famed Gladiators of Ancient Rome, tactical warriors who dominated and entertained in the Coliseum, Gladiator Oud opens with a powerful and thrilling accord of salty, elemental ambergris. Cardamom combines with the cool of Egyptian geranium for an impression of steel and strength. Hay absolute, Haitian vetiver and cumin seed capture the sun warmed earth of the gladiatorial arena. Oud oil and cedarwood bring nobility and elegance to the battle, with the gold and glory of victory elicited through accords of intense saffron and honey.

RRP £395 €445 $500 for 100ml



Olfactive Family: Amber Spicy Oud

Saffron Accord
Cumin Seed Oil

Honey Accord
Geranium Oil Egypt FOR LIFE LMR
Hay Abs LMR*
Immortelle Abs Balkan LMR

Oud Oil LMR*
Patchouli Oil Indonesia FOR LIFE LMR*
Ambre Gris Accord
Cedarwood Oil Atlas
Vetiver Haiti For Life LMR*

Claire Sokell Thompson, Creative Director:

“Our inspiration for this scent is a noble warrior. A gladiator with the
courage, power, wisdom and skill necessary to win, but also a natural born
leader with confidence, integrity and dignity. We imagined a charismatic
character commanding deep respect and affection like Maximus Decimus
Meridius the legendary Gladiator played by Russell Crowe.

My dream was to create an iconic perfume befitting the name: an addictive
and wearable oud combining the skill and physicality of a combat with the
nobility of a true leader; all within the impressive theatre of the gladiatorial

To realise this we collaborated with Julien Rasquinet. Gladiator Oud is a
magnetic, unisex and effortlessly confident scent. ”

From the Perfumer – Julien Rasquinet

“For this fragrance, I wanted to embody the virility and honour of the
gladiator. With Oud, I gave this the very amber, animalic facet of the fierce
and courageous fighter.

I added a bold touch of gold with Honey and Hay to celebrate his success.
Finally, as he enters the arena, the respected gladiator is imbued with
elegance and refinement by the noble scent of Maximus Decimus Meridius.”

Julien Rasquinet,
Master Perfumeur

Electimuss roundel

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