Find out what niche perfume reviewers are saying about Electimuss.

Electimuss fragrances are crafted by master perfumers using the finest and rarest ingredients. It’s harder to experience our full range of fragrances in person this year so it helps to hear what others people think about our perfumes and our house style. You may also want to try our sample sets to explore the range.

Here is a round up of reviews and comments from the digital world covering the house style and some of the individual fragrances. First up we are delighted that Redolessence has rated Amber Aquilaria his number one niche perfume in his latest round up:

Then there is this from niche and luxury perfume collector on Instagram @nischparfym

“Electimuss is probably the house that made the biggest bang in the IG fragrance community in 2020.?”

— nischparfym

Fragrance lover and Instagram influencer @joescentme discovered Amber Aquilaria and was enthused and excited to discover the brand:

”My @electimusslondon collection is complete!! There is so much ??? in this collection!! I have everything they make and I am pretty happy about that. Stay tuned because you’re going to see an Electimuss review marathon soon.”

True to his word @joescentme discussed the whole range on a live feed with @maxaroma.

On the subject of Amber Aquilaria, this is one of our flagship perfumes and has made a splash with reviewers @perfume.library and @nischparfym:

“Overall Amber Aquilaria by Electimuss is an opulent amber fragrance with huge projection and sillage for those who like to make a statement.”

— @perfume.library

“Amber Aquilaira begins with bright sparkling bergamot which melts into a heart of roses. Rich velvet petals mesmerise before falling into an opulent pillow of warm amber, sandalwood, vanilla and rare oud from the Aquilaria tree. Amber Aquilaria is truly special.”

— @nischparfym

It is not only on Instagram that we have been making waves – Electimuss has been the source of some interest on YouTube too. So much so that Brooklyn Fragrance Lover teamed up with Redolessence to review the range in two parts.

In Part 1 they look at Imperium, Trajan, Octavian, Capua, Celestial, Black Caviar, Jupiter and Silvanus.

We will return to Part 2 later but first a round up of some other reviews of our fragrances from Instagram.

@Cosmetiqua talks about Black Caviar and Octavian on her beauty and perfume blog here is what she has to say about Black Caviar:

“Black Caviar from the Nero Collection is a perfume of relaxed dominance. Not flirting with the masses by adding sweetness. Leans towards masculine, but I’m seeing it as a power scent for all genders. Projection and longevity are incredible (it’s pure perfume after all!). If there is a fragrance that can boost confidence — this is it. Because it’s true to the brand’s name — Electimuss means choosing the best, enough said.”

— @cosmetiqua

Whilst on the subject of Octavian, for @carolinaogliaro the perfume conjures images of an Emperor’s palace:

“Opulence, luxury and ease echoed. Well-being and success were in the air. if I close my eyes I can feel the scent that spread in the home of Octavian with the seductive Bulgarian rose, the precious Persian incense, the warm Iranian oud and the enveloping spices and resins of saffron, pink pepper and Olibanum from the East.”

— carolinaogliaro

Striking a different note is one of the new additions to the range, Puritas, which was launched over the summer. The incense like quality of elemi fascinates the_v_scentt:

“Puritas is one of the latest Electimuss creations. With a quality in the line that we are used to and a spectacular final result. I personally adore elemi, it has a resinous and aromatic point that fascinates me.

In Puritas it is one of the protagonists without a doubt. Despite being one of the starting ingredients, the entire development remains present, gradually decreasing its intensity but without disappearing completely.”

— the_v_scentt

From the extensive Eternal collection here are thoughts on Aurora evoking the sunrise from elenazcloud and thegentsstyle appreciated the unisex qualities of Trajan:

“According to the legend Aurora was the ruler of dawn (and winds).

Smelling this scent for the very first time I had immediately acknowledged its freshness. Amazingly, the creators managed to make a leathery opening of Saffron, Oud with spicy cloves and cardamom smell very airy and breathing! Just like the sunrise.”

— elenazcloud

“I really love the Trajan scent very sophisticated and classy perfume , smells absolutely fantastic woody and sweet with fresh citrus opening, that can be worn just as well by both men and women.”

— thegentsstyle

Finally, back to the video review: in Part 2 Redolessence takes up the reins with reviews of Auster, Rhodanthe, Puritas, Fortuna, Amber Aquilaria, Vixere, Summanus and Aurora.

We want to know what you think. Write reviews of our fragrances and DM or email them to us so that we can feature your opinion on our website and also shout you out on social media.

Electimuss roundel

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