Explore the cross over between feasting and fragrance.

Seasonal celebrations and festivities are putting us in the mood for rich olfactory notes.

Celebrations and festivals where families and friends come together to observe historical events or holy days are central to our diverse global communities throughout the history of time, religions and culture. Whether celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid al-Fitr, Hanukkah, Diwali, Easter, Navratri, Chinese New Year, National Days and Bank Holidays we come together with festive foods that provide a fragrant mix of delicious spicy aromas are likely to be at the centre of celebrations.

Gastronomic delights

One of the aspects central to festivities are traditional gastronomic delights and banquets. Wherever you are in the world, feasts are symbolic, seasonal and special: expensive luxury foods you wouldn’t eat every day, and complicated meals of many dishes that take days or even weeks in preparation. 

Feasts represent abundance, generous hospitality, shared joys and pleasures and frequently feature rich ingredients, aromatic herbs and spices, sweets and treats. And they are putting us in the mood for spicy, woody fragrances and some with gourmand notes too. 

At Electimuss, we love rich spices and luxury perfume ingredients at this time of the year. Our favourite seasonal warm spices are cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, saffron, pepper and cloves. They feature in plenty of our fragrances like Octavian, Jupiter, Puritas, Celestial and Aurora.

Woody resins, smoky notes and rich woods are reminiscent of Christmas trees, fires, fireworks and stoves feature in Capua, Puritas, Fortuna and Octavian.


And for dessert…

Juicy fruits and citruses like blood orange, lemons, plums and mandarins dazzle like winter jewels through the top notes of our scents like Trajan, Imperium, Rhodanthe, Vixere, Mercurial Cashmere, Summanus and Amber Aquilaria.

If you enjoy sugar, spice and all things gourmand for dessert, explore seductive sweet treats and pudding ingredients like rose water, caramel, tonka beans, chocolate, Cognac and Bourbon in Mercurial Cashmere, Trajan, Jupiter, Rhodanthe, Vixere and Amber Aquilaria.

And finally as the ultimate gastronomic luxury, enjoy a little Black Caviar by Electimuss. Salty and decadent with fragrant aromatics, sage and lavender. 

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