By Christian Provenzano

This is a striking saffron and incense perfume with a floral heart and a warm leathery base.

The frankincense and amber create a beautiful warm temple / church vibe, unfurling a rich floral heart of Indian tuberose and rose, ylang ylang and geranium.

Absinthe and elemi and pink pepper add hedonistic make a slightly medicinal top note balanced with a slightly resinous and leathery base of amber, tonka, patchouli and labdanum.


Inspired by Vesta, the Roman goddess of purity, home and hearth. Her purity of heart and promise of fertility were symbolised in the eternal flames burning in her temples.

Like its inspiration this fragrance has an eternal elegance, appeal and a lightness of touch.

Fragrance Notes & Ingredients

Elemi, pink pepper, absinthe, saffron

Olibanum (frankincense), rose, Indian tuberose absolut, geranium, Chinese ylang ylang, Egyptian jasmine

Labdanum, patchouli, tonka, guaic, vetiver and amber

All of our fragrances are Pure Parfum/Extrait.


Additional information

A striking perfume of saffron and incense with a pure floral heart and a seductive tonka, amber and leathery base. It’s a daring and distinctive blend shedding light and shadow with its luminous and darker notes.

Our mission today is to create fragrances we love, for lovers of fragrances who seek and appreciate the best in quality, creativity and individuality.


Our brand was and is inspired by the passion for perfume in ancient Rome, as well as the rich tapestries of the Roman empire and Roman mythology. Electimuss means ‘To choose the best’ in Latin and this ethos is at the heart of our brand.

“Puritas is one of the latest Electimuss creations. With a quality in the line that we are used to and a spectacular final result. I personally adore elemi, it has a resinous and aromatic point that fascinates me.”

Electimuss roundel

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