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Inspired by the Aquila constellation, this cosmic perfume harnesses the power and beauty of the mighty eagle in flight. To the Romans, the Aquila eagle was a zodiac sign representing



By Julien Rasquinet

Warm, sensuous delights of white oud and leather accords are elevated by fresh and fruity facets of raspberry and rose and herbaceous geranium. Inspired by the Aquila constellation, this cosmic perfume is radiant and gives the courage to take on the world.

Cardamom oil Guatemala LMR and Raspberry Accord
Rose Abs Turkish LMR, Egyptian Geranium Pure Oil
Leather Accord, Patchouli Coeur n3 LMR, Labdanum Resinoid LMR, White Oud accord, Violet Leaf Abs Egypt LMR

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“This audacious interpretation of oud opens with a delicious raspberry and the most refined quality of cardamom oil with its penetrating facet, a top that gives a fresh yet fruity addition.

At the heart, the finest Damascena Rose is blooming and offering its floral and sophisticated scent.

The powerful fragrance is blended with a sensuous leather contrasted by a warm woody ambery complex of patchouli and labdanum.”

Julien Rasquinet


“Perfume is power. To embody this spirit our latest muse is the Aquila eagle and constellation symbolic of immortality, strength and beauty.

Our vision was to create a perfume that expresses the exhilarating freedom of an eagle in flight and the eternal wonder of the stars.

This luminous creation by Julien does exactly that. It’s captivating and empowering – it makes you feel like you are soaring through the skies and shooting with the stars.”

Claire Sokell Thompson


This exquisite perfume includes some of the world’s finest ingredients: LMR Naturals.

LMR was founded by Monique Remyin 1984 in Grasse, the heartland of perfumery. Her mission was to redefine the standards of perfumery by producing and crafting the highest quality natural ingredients.  LMR Naturals ingredients are responsibly sourced and dedicated to helping nature thrive. Each step of the supply chain has been structured to ensure quality, innovation and cost stability. Close and long term relationships with partners, ensuring transparency,  traceability and support to local communities. Read more about about the profiles and provenance of some of the ingredients below.

Electimuss means "choose the best"

B O T A N I C A L  P R O F I L E
Known as the queen of flowers, the rose is one of the most precious ingredients in perfumery there are hundreds of rose varieties, but only two are used in perfumery Rosa Damascena originates from a cross between the Rosa Gallica and the Rosa Phoenica this rose is also called damask rose, the crusaders having discovered it in damascus the other variety is rosa centifolia which is mainly cultivated in Grasse.

H I S T O R Y  &  A N E C D O T E S
The rose appeared forty million years ago in Asia. It spread quickly and was found everywhere in the Mediterranean region during antiquity. In his writings, the Greek Herodotus, tells of the gardens of king Midas, home to roses with sixty petals and more fragrant than all other roses.

The flower was also strongly associated with the city of Rhodes, where the bulk of perfumery containers were produced. It is for this reason that Rhodon the greek name for the rose, is so close to the name of the city at that time. Rose was a coveted perfumery material and one well known tale says Emperor Nero had the flower everywhere in his palace. He hosted parties with roses as a central theme and rose water flowed from the fountains and the ground and cushions were strewn with petals.

S U S T A I N A B L Y  S O U R C E D
In 2008, LMR naturals established a vertically integrated rose sourcing platform in Turkey. They established an exclusive and long term partnership with Ercetin, one of the most respected suppliers in Isparta.

This platform led to agricultural and production optimization by improving harvest and storage practices, saving water and energy, and diversifying the factory’s activities.
LMR purchases the flowers directly from the farmers, then distill and extract them at the facility.

In 2008 LMR naturals signed 10 year contracts (renewed in 2019) with farmers, replacing the common practice of spot buying in the region. This commitment to prices and volumes gives farmers greater financial security, allowing them to know how much they will earn from the roses even before planting them.

B O T A N I C A L  P R O F I L E
The geranium is a plant native to South Africa, where it grows in the wild. The botanical name “geranium” comes from the
Greek geranos, meaning “crane,” as the fruit of the plant resembles the beak of this bird.

H I S T O R Y & A N E C D O T E S
According to Celtic legend, the crane was the symbol of wisdom, sharing this knowledge by drawing the signs of the Celtic alphabet in the sky. Having crane-shaped fruits, the geranium was therefore offered to the Celtic gods.

Curiously, the geranium used in perfumery is not actually a geranium species, but a pelargonium. Both belong to the Geraniaceae family.

Pelargonium has been cultivated in Europe since the early 17th century. It was introduced in Europe by apothecaries traveling with Dutch explorers from South Africa.

S U S T A I N A B L Y  S O U R C E D
In 2013, LMR Naturals established a vertically integrated pelargonium sourcing platform in Egypt. They established an
exclusive and long-term partnership with Hashem Brothers. Their high-quality products have made the company an internationally recognised pioneer in the production of essential oils.

In partnership LMR forged a long-term commitment on prices and volumes, ensuring producers greater financial
security. In addition they promote women’s empowerment, as most of the employees are women.

Lastly, by dealing directly
with farmers, they reduce the number of intermediaries, ensuring a safer and more traceable supply chain.

The result is a product of exceptional quality that is sustainable and competitive.
LMR Naturals was awarded the For Life Social Responsibility certification issued by the certification body Ecocert.


B O T A N I C A L  P R O F I L E
The name “patchouli” comes from the Tamil paccai (green) and ilia (leaf). Originally from the Philippines, patchouli is fond of the heat and humidity of the Asian tropics.

H I S T O R Y  &  A N E C D O T E S
Patchouli is native to India and the Philippines. Patchouli leaves have long been used in India and Southeast Asia to protect precious fabrics and shawls from insects. When these items arrived in Europe permeated with this mysterious smell, it was
considered proof of their Indian origin. When Europeans discovered the source of this fragrance, patchouli quickly became a tool of seduction, first in high society and then the demi-monde. In the United States, the plant became famous in the late 1960s when young travelers came back from Nepal with patchouli in their bags. The entire hippie generation filled the air with the fragrant scent of pure patchouli essence. The material represented the new exoticism, rooted in oriental influence
and spirituality.

S U S T A I N A B L Y  S O U R C E D
LMR Naturals established a vertically integrated patchouli sourcing platform in Indonesia.

They developed a contract system with farmers and distillers which allows LMR to buy directly from the distiller, thereby reducing the supply chain, limiting speculation, and insuring better traceability.

In addition, LMR and its partner provide training, distillation and safety equipment, and promote proper agricultural practices while respecting the environment.

Patchouli Heart is an innovative extract for which we have chosen to fractionate patchouli oil to concentrate its most sought after notes.

Cistus ladaniferus is a low shrub with ornamental flowers. It can be found all along the Mediterranean coast. This species of cistus is remarkable for the gum it produces in summer, which has been used in perfumery for more than 3,000 years.

The gum produced by the plant has a strong balsamic and ambery smell. In ancient times, it was considered one of the best “incenses” and was used for many purposes.

The gum was collected by shepherds in Crete and Egypt. Their goats, wandering through the cistus fields, gathered gum on their fleece. It was later collected more directly by whipping the twigs of the plant with a rake called a ladanisterion, made from strips of leather, and the gum was then scraped off with a knife.


LMR Naturals sources its cistus from a trusted supplier invested in a clean, responsible, and sustainable harvest in Andalusia.

There, in a region that is struggling economically, the plant is considered a very valuable crop, and the cistus harvest is an additional source of income for locals.

In traditional production, the branches are boiled with carbonated water in the middle of the fields and acid is then added to neutralise the water. Aware of the environmental threat posed by this production method, our local producer has set up the first automated gum manufacturing site, more respectful of people and the environment.

The violet has been known since Antiquity, when it was first described by Theophrastus, considered the founder of botany, in the 4th century B.C. At that time, it was believed that violet scent was a cure for the effects of hangovers; consequently, the Greeks and Romans wore violet crowns during their events. The plant was also widely used in natural medicine to treat respiratory distress.

Violet became a celebrated perfume ingredient during the Renaissance and Victorian times. When made into a powder, it was the must-have substance for perfuming hair and wigs.

Today, violet flowers are harvested only for ornamental purposes and making confectionery products. The characteristic fragrance of the flowers is unfortunately impossible to extract, and only violet leaves are used in perfumery.

In 2013, LMR Naturals established a vertically integrated violet leaf sourcing platform in Egypt. They set up an exclusive and long-term partnership with Hashem Brothers. Their high-quality products have made the company an internationally recognized pioneer in the production of essential oils.

They forged a long-term commitment on prices and volumes, ensuring producers greater financial security. In addition, they prioritise and promote women’s empowerment, as most of the employees are women. By dealing directly with farmers, the number of intermediaries are reduced, ensuring a safer and more traceable supply chain. As a result, the product is of exceptional quality, sustainable and competitive.


How would you describe the scent of Aquila Absolute?  Here’s what the reviewers think:

‘This scintillating concoction is a symphony of fruity leather notes elegantly laced with the aromatic piquancy of Cardamom.’

I would describe this composition as mysterious, alluring, and captivating.

Wearing Aquila Absolute is like embarking on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos. It radiates confidence and courage, giving you the strength to conquer the world.




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