a refined and addictive leather perfume


VICI Leather is the latest perfume release from Electimuss London Inspired by the victory cry of Julius Caesar VICI Leather is the scent of success: it exudes luxury.

This refined and addictive perfume captures the soft smokiness of a warm leather armchair in a library of leather bound books; a nightcap in a heavy crystal tumbler; and a face lit by the soft glow of a fire, surrounded by dancing shadows. 

The aromatic wormwood, pink pepper and cinnamon conjure a slightly bitter, boozy entrance. The fragrant tuberose carries an elegant floral dimension blended with sweet smoky leather accords and the resinous amber and balsamic base. Sophisticated and luxurious.




Olfactive Family: Leather

Cinnamon, wormwood, pink pepper

Sweet leather accords and tuberose

Amber Balsamic

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“VICI LEATHER is the ultimate smell of seduction. It starts off with a wormwood, evoking the wooziness of the Absinth. But rapidly it combines two of the most sensual ingredients of perfumers’ palette. One expressing a more masculine attribute showing a manly but gentle charisma: sweet leather. The other one is more known for being a feminine attribute of seduction: Tuberose. As a fun fact, young women during the Renaissance were forbidden from the Tuberose fields, as it was said the captivating smell of tuberose might make it impossible for them to control their desire.  Those two powerful ingredients combine perfectly in a very unisex, powerful, elegant, laid back charisma, ambery base.“

Julien Rasquinet

Master Perfumer



“Veni, Vidi, Vici is an iconic phrase that has resonated through the mists of time. Its power has permeated popular culture for millennia inspiring artists, writers, politicians and musicians, from Shakespeare and Handel through to Madonna and JayZ – and now Electimuss.

I wanted to create a perfume that captures that sense of success. A perfume that makes you feel proud and powerful, that captures the intoxicating and heady emotion when endeavour turns into success.

This is our latest opus for the NERO Collection and the scent Julien has created is an intuitive combination of masculine and feminine sensuality and confidence. It’s sensuous, empowering and addictive. “

Claire Sokell Thompson, Creative Director, Electimuss


Creative Director




The sweet smell of victory’ had to start with a sweet soft leather. The Roman army used leather for tack, saddles, protection and uniform so it sits at the centre stage of this fragrance, combined with a robust tuberose to create a heady heart. The wormwood lends a bitter aromatic Absinthe, enhanced by a fresh pink pepper and warm cinnamon spices, rounded with a sophisticated balsamic amber base.



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vici leather reviews

How would you describe the scent of Vici Leather?  Here’s what the reviewers think:

Vici Leather starts off moody and dark, with a smoky growl. For the first few minutes it has the crackle and intensity of getting a lungful of bonfire smoke whilst out in the gloaming, watching the sun set and waiting for the fireworks to start as the temperature plummets, perhaps with a glass of some strange intoxicating potion in hand. The spice of the cinnamon and the herbal booziness of the wormwood together are deep and bitter. The pink pepper provides embers of glowing sparks against the night sky, points of illumination and lift in contrast. The overall feel of the start of Vici Leather is a little rock and roll, a touch dangerous, mildly threatening.

As Vici Leather starts to open up and settle, it does calm down. That smoky growl which took up a fair amount of space in the opening now turns into a throaty rumble – a cat’s purr. The composition becomes less dark and moody and takes an ever so slightly medicinal bent. With the leather starting to appear more and more in the composition, it calls to mind the Gladstone bag of a traveling barber surgeon, perhaps a little anachronistically, but nevertheless, that’s the sort of idea it gives off. As if it conjures leather, stained from heavy and repeated use, and which contains within all manner of spices and potions ready to be deployed.

Nicola Thomis, Fragrantica

Vici Leather opens with the feeling of stepping into the library of an old country house, where the sunlight from half-drawn curtains is hitting leather chairs.

With pink pepper hinting at the sparkle of dust in the air, the warmed leather scent is cut through by the appearance of absinthe, from the aromatic wormwood. However, an aroma of aged mahogany is also present. In the background is the promised note of tuberose, alongside a touch of smokiness, so it has the impression of people having just stepped out of the room. As the fragrance develops, the leather becomes slightly more resinous and the overall fragrance feels a little darker. You get a definite feeling of day changing to night, and it’s a good reminder that everyone’s time is fleeting.

Stephan Matthews

A beautiful concoction that combines in its heart both of masculine and feminine seductiveness through sweet leathery accord and Tuberose respectively.

VICI LEATHER starts with a well balanced warm spicy opening with Cinnamon, wormwood, and pink pepper while the heart combines the two opposites Sweet leather accords and tuberose which results in a wonderful vibe that carries the house’s spirit and reminds me of there two insanely wonderful scents Vixere and Mercurial Cashmere until the scent profile settles on an intimate base of Amber and balsamic notes that too carry the house’s spirit.

Being a pure Parfum just like the rest of this house’s releases, Vici Leather projects like a beast and lasts until you wash it off of your skin.






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