Heighten your senses with scent this summer - scent evokes memories, emotions, places and people and has the power to instantly transport you.

Whether you are enjoying the sun with friends or getting away from it all, read our guide to choosing the perfect Summer Perfume.

Summer tends to be a time for lighter scents that are refreshing and zesty, floral and fruity or have salty marine notes that evoke the ocean. Whichever you choose you still want a fragrance that is long lasting without being heavy. Because Electimuss perfumes are pure parfum they have the depth and complexity to stay with you.

Odour molecules evaporate off moist skin and travel with greater ease in warm weather, so you whatever scent you choose you may find you need less. In terms of which fragrances to try in the heat, you may feel drawn to scents with bright fresh top notes, but top notes are transient, so focussing on the right middle and base notes to suit the weather is key. Do you like white florals, rose, light woods or spices? When the heat rises and perspiration with it, some people are drawn to bigger scents in the summer, whilst others prefer a fresh spritz to stay fresh and fragrant.

Bright top citrus notes can refresh and revive in the heat so choosing scents with bergamot, lemon, mandarin and aromatic herbs like lavender, sage is a popular choice. These blend beautifully with fragrant white flowers such as jasmine, neroli and tuberose to capture early evening scents on the breeze. Some perfumer lovers take their lead from the seasonal flowers such as rose for a richer seasonal floral and geranium is popular because it offers a perfect combination of spicy and greener notes.

Roman pillars

Inspired by Rome: Ancient Romans selected different scents for different occasions and to endure the heat of the summer they made deodorants from alum, iris and rose petals.

Wealthy Romans used perfume oils daily to cleanse and indulge and they travelled far and wide across the empire to find the rarest and finest ingredients.

Beyond the more everyday rose, lavender, pomegranates and herbs such as rosemary and basil, the Romans searched out rare resins and incense from the middle East such as myrrh and frankincense.

For the travellers this summer

When you go on holiday, choose a new scent for the trip. Why? Scent evokes memories, emotions, places and people and has the power to instantly transport you because your olfactory centre is very closely located in your brain to your the emotional centre and memory. In fact it is the most powerful and evocative sense that instantly releases memories. So when you wear a new scent for a holiday you will always associate that scent with your vacation – every time you wear the perfume when you get home it will flood you with happy memories.

Consider handy Travel Sprays for your journey to minimise weight and portability.

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More joys of summer…

Part of the joy of summer is all the opportunities it presents for new experiences so whether it is meetings friends, music outdoors, going to the beach or visiting new places why not have fun with fragrance?

Picture yourself weaving through rows of lavender in hazy, lazy heat of late summer in Provence. Perhaps you prefer the bittersweet scent of geraniums of Ibiza or the heady seduction of oriental jasmine and a sun-downer? Conjure cicadas in the bleached summer sun of Sicilian lemon groves or wander through the streets of Seville with zesty citrus notes. Close your eyes, face up to the sun and remember the pleasure of an ocean breeze rippling through your hair with salty oceanic notes. Or simply refresh yourself with a spritz of your favourite woody citrus or light floral. 

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