Read about talented young perfumer Sofia Bardelli and creator of Vixere …

BEHIND THE SCENTS #6: we interviewed perfumer Sofia Bardelli who created Vixere, Imperium, Fortuna, Jupiter, Mercurial Cashmere and Rhodanthe for Electimuss. Sofia is an exciting young perfumer …


Having always been passionate about perfumes, Sofia has shaped her education in order to pursue her dream. Having graduated in pharmacy at the University of Pavia, Sofia moved to Grasse, the world perfume capital on the French Riviera. Having been successful in a worldwide selection process, Sofia was one of the twelve candidates chosen to attend the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, promoted by Givaudan. Immediately after graduating, she was headhunted by a major French company in the sector as an analytical perfumer. Here, she was able to develop her skills, improving her technical knowledge of natural and synthetic raw materials. Sofia returned to Italy in January 2019 as a perfumer.


Studying and training in Grasse has taught her to love the best quality raw materials, which often inspire her creativity and are recognisable in her olfactory signature. Sofia draws inspiration for her creations from her passion for the natural world, from botany, astronomy and travel. Her approach is bold and responsive, driven by her passion for the finest ingredients, so her growing portfolio of perfumes is eclectic and dynamic.

“Perfume? Its magic is transmitting emotions and telling stories. 

Each spray has the power to transport the mind to a distant journey. ” 


Enjoy two of our bestselling perfumes in 10ml travel sprays. Limited Edition and EXCLUSIVE to Mercurial Cashmere 10ml This luxurious amber perfume is sensuous,


By Sofia Bardelli Take a romantic walk through palace gardens with this indulgent sensual creamy floral. It opens in a sunny aromatic


By Sofia Bardelli This is a vibrant and sensual amber rich rose with fruity top notes and a resinous base. A vibrant and sensuous flor


By Sofia Bardelli This spicy oud has an intense and slightly earthy woody heart, it is illuminated with incense and amber and the cistus, vanilla tonka


By Sofia Bardelli This sparkling aromatic citrus fragrance confidently opens with bergamot and coriander underpinned by a light woody base and is elega


  By Sofia Bardelli “Fortune favours the bold” This dynamic perfume is bold and contradictory with spices and citrus, balanc


By Sofia Bardelli NEW This luxurious amber perfume is sensuous, soft and delightful with a resinous base. The sparkling and piquant t

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