Electimuss is a London based artisan perfume brand creating daring and decadent fragrances, inspired by legends of love, power and glamour of Rome.


ALL SEASONS GIFT SET This gift set includes three of our most loved perfumes: Imperium Mercurial Cashmere Amber Aquilaria Free


By Julien Rasquinet The best Agarwood resin, as cited throughout ancient religious scriptures, is extracted from the Aquilaria tree. Its rich cognac no


By Marco Genovese This bold sensual floral amber fragrance exudes colour and light. A sensuous spicy floral scent with rose and patcho


By John Stephen Spicy fruity floral with earthy WOODY BASE Late summer Mediterranean lemon groves and sweet geraniums lightly laced wi


By Marco Genovese This aromatic, oceanic fouger is opulent, complex, harmonious and surprising. The luxurious saltiness of caviar blen

Imperium and Mecurial Cashmere

Share your passion with someone special, or treat yourself to our two best selling scents: Imperium and Mercurial Cashmere with this Limited Edition Bu

Capua perfume by Electimuss

By Christian Provenzano This daring and sultry smoky cedar demands attention. The bright citrussy entrance, pivots quickly to reveal a darker side: a s

Celestial perfume

By Christian Provenzano Celestial is an amber woody floral with a heart of frankincense and exotic roses. Complex, light and very wear

Christian Provenzano perfumer

Explore our favourite Christian Provenzano fragrances and receive a voucher for the full value to spend against your next full bottle purchase at*.

Consort Collection

Our first two fragrances to launch in the CONSORT Collection are an exploration of a single central note through two very different lenses within the same story: that of the Persep

Discovery Set

Explore our entire collection of 20 perfumes PLUS get a sample vial of limited release scent Alkout (not currently available online), and 20 complimentary Electimuss blotters so th

Fragrance blotters

How do you sample your fragrances? Our luxurious Electimuss fragrance blotters enhance your experience of our beautiful scents. Testing your samples on

Eternal Summer Gift Box

ETERNAL SUMMER GIFT SET This gift set includes three beautiful perfumes perfect for Summer: Imperium, Trajan and the brand new Pomona Vitalis. Free gift: buy this gift set an

Eternal Summer Gift Box

ETERNALLY YOURS GIFT SET This gift set three of our best sellers: Imperium Trajan Auster Free gift: buy this gift set and get a


  By Sofia Bardelli “Fortune favours the bold” This dynamic perfume is bold and contradictory with spices and citrus, balanc


By Sofia Bardelli This sparkling aromatic citrus fragrance confidently opens with bergamot and coriander underpinned by a light woody base and is elega


By Sofia Bardelli This spicy oud has an intense and slightly earthy woody heart, it is illuminated with incense and amber and the cistus, vanilla tonka


By Sofia Bardelli NEW This luxurious amber perfume is sensuous, soft and delightful with a resinous base. The sparkling and piquant t

Mercurial Cashmere Travel Spray 10 ml

Enjoy one of our bestselling perfumes in a 10ml travel spray. Mercurial Cashmere 10ml This luxurious amber perfume is sensuous, soft and delightful with a resinous base. This

Nero Gift Set

NERO GIFT SET This gift set includes three of our best selling perfumes: Mercurial Cashmere Capua Black Caviar. Free gift: buy


By Christian Provenzano This bold and spicy oud rose is a powerful, rich statement scent befitting an emperor. The blend is bold, daring and refined.

oud samples

At Electimuss we use oud in a variety of ways: from a dominant presence to a nuanced complement to a floral fragrance. Experience the spectrum of oud based perfume

patchouli of the underworld

By Kévin Mathys This is dark, carnal and animalic: a patchouli perfume with a musky sexuality, power, opu

electimuss samples

Experience the spectrum of our perfume collections with our pairs sample set. Ten 1.8ml samples of: AMBER AQUILARIA  and OCTAVIAN CELESTIAL and PURITAS PERSEPHONE'S PATCHOULI

persephone's patchouli

By Christian Provenzano This delightful woody amber perfume enters with a fresh and elegant cardamom, lightly laced with plum an

Pomona Vitalis Perfume

By Christian Provenzano PERFUMER'S NOTE “Pomona Vitalis opens with fruity facets of lychee, strawberry and apple balanced with a sparkle of bergamot. The lyc

Puritas perfume

By Christian Provenzano This is a striking saffron and incense perfume with a floral heart and a warm leathery base. The frankincense


By Sofia Bardelli This is a vibrant and sensual amber rich rose with fruity top notes and a resinous base. A vibrant and sensuous flor

Rose Lover's gift set

ROSE LOVER’S GIFT SET This gift set for rose lovers includes three of our favourite scents with rose at their heart. They are three quite different takes on rose, but all unmi


By Marco Genovese Bright fresh woody floral with an amber whisper Introduced by clove and saffron, the Sandalwood, Cedar and Rosewood


By Christian Provenzano This sensuous and rich amber rose opens with a fruity and fragrant bolt of cardamom, bergamot, orange, pine and ginger and melt

summer sample set

Sample our favourite summer fragrances for 2022 with our SUMMER Sample SET including individual 1.8ml vials of: NEW: POMONA VITALIS NEW: PERSEPHONE'S PATCHOULI


By Marco Genovese Explore the Silk Road with this fruity aromatic floral amber. Inhale sweet vistas of citrus groves, traverse fields

Enjoy two of our bestselling perfumes in 10ml travel sprays. Limited Edition and EXCLUSIVE to Mercurial Cashmere 10ml This luxurious amber perfume is sensuous,


By Sofia Bardelli Take a romantic walk through palace gardens with this indulgent sensual creamy floral. It opens in a sunny aromatic

Electimuss roundel

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