NERO Travel Set Refill (5 Travel Sprays)

Electimuss is famous for luxurious, opulent bottles but now our perfumes can be enjoyed on-the-go with our new travel size sets. This set of refills includes five of our popular NERO collection perfumes.

Capua by Christian Provenzano

This daring sultry smoky cedar is smooth and well rounded. An elemi and cypress top blend seamlessly into a smoky heart of cedar and incense and a seductive earthy base of vetiver, amber and patchouli.

Black Caviar by Marco Genovese

An opulent and original perfume. The top notes of oud and cedar and blend with the rich saltiness of caviar which in turn creates a harmony with the aromatic lavender sage. The earthy base of oakmoss, vetiver and patchouli give this iconic perfume depth and longevity.

Mercurial Cashmere by Sofia Bardelli

The sparkling bright top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and cardamom melt into the sensuous, velvety, buttery iris and ambergris heart. The warm woody base of caramel, tonka, vanilla and the slightly smoky oud and cedar finally reveal a dark, slightly gourmand base.

Vanilla Edesia by Cécile Zarokian

This opulent creation is a cornucopia of gastronomic delights: creamy vanilla, exotic fruits, citrus and bitter almond seasoned with exotic spices, scattered with rose centifolia and florals, all underpinned with an addictive base of leather, gourmand and woods.

Vixere by Sofia Bardelli

This opulent and sensual creamy floral is a romantic walk through sunny citrus groves into palace gardens into a heady cloud of violet and white florals lying on a seductive soft base with musk and vanilla.

The set includes five 10ml sprays – one of each perfume.  No atomiser included – see the Nero Travel Set.


Additional information

“We wanted to design something more than a holder, the intent was to create an object of desire, a piece that feels like a portable luxury in its own right. The design details echo our 100ml bottle with the bevelled rose gold surround and symbolism. This is combined with panels in our signature brand colour, regal purple. and a very pleasing magnetic lid that self-orientates. The Aquila eagle on the lid, a Roman symbol of strength, courage and beauty is surrounded by a mosaic symbol of eternity making the atomisers a hidden talisman in your bag.”

Claire Sokell Thompson, Creative Director, Electimuss

Electimuss roundel

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