Our first two fragrances to launch in the CONSORT Collection are an exploration of a single central note through two very different lenses within the same story: that of the Persephone and Pluto, King of the Underworld. Our central note is patchouli – the duality of its verdant abundance and its dark earthy notes perfectly represents both lightness and dark and the confluence of nature and the underworld.

These patchouli perfumes are both contradictory and complimentary, capturing darkness and light, sexuality and floribundance. Choose one to suit mood or occasion or layer the two for a marriage.

Persephone’s Patchouli  100ml
By Christian Provenzano
This delightful woody amber enters with a fresh and elegant cardamon, lightly laced with plum and pomegranate before opening into a heart of Egyptian jasmine, a fresh, aromatic, clean patchouli and a tint of rose. The light woods of sandalwood and cedar combined with a light musk and amber notes make this a light, sensuous and very versatile scent.

Patchouli of the Underworld 100ml
By Kévin Mathys
This perfume is a dark carnal patchouli with references to musky sexuality, power, opulence. It captures the darkness of the underworld and the hidden riches of the earth below with glimpses of the light above the surface. Mathys lures the wearer into Pluto’s Underworld with an enticingly dark and carnal patchouli that he describes as being “furry in texture and as black as a panther.”

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