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In honour of National Fragrance Week, we’re giving one lucky perfume lover a chance to win a Discovery Set. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter.

* Terms & Conditions. Winner must be over 18. Prize will include 1 x Electimuss London Discovery Set and free shipping. This prize is not exchangeable or transferable. A winner will be chosen completely at random. The competition will close at midnight GMT on the 24th of March 2024. Winner will be announced on the 26th of March 2024.

One of life’s greatest gifts is the gift of discovery, leaving fresh footsteps on a path untrodden. If you’re new to Electimuss London, our discovery set is the perfect way to familiarise yourself with our long-lasting and opulent fragrances.

Each Electimuss collection is inspired by one of the most iconic eras of the past, Ancient Rome. When purchasing an Electimuss discovery set, you’re purchasing more than a luxurious perfume sample set, you’re delving deep into the rich and inspiring history of a time when gladiators found fame in the arena, when gods and goddesses were fickle and capricious, and when fountains flowed with wine and banquets were commonplace.

Perfume samples included in the Electimuss London Discovery Set and the inspiration behind each collection.

Eternal Collection

Eternal collection of perfumes

Perfume was woven throughout the fabric and culture of life for the Romans and they were hugely influential in shaping how fragrance has developed today. In the Eternal Collection, we celebrate the timeless beauty of fragrance and our enduring fascination with Rome, the Eternal City.

The scent of confidence and success, Imperium is a fragrance for those who know what they want and who are not afraid to go after their goals. 

Trajan is a perfectly unisex fragrance, perfect for those who want a versatile scent suitable for any occasion, and with fantastic longevity and projection. 

Auster is like warm sea breezes rustling leaves in a lemon grove, Auster is a fragrance for those who want to be whisked away to sunny, relaxing climes.

Rhodanthe is a must-have for lovers of rose-based fragrances, it draws you in with its dangerous allure and captivates with exquisite ingredients of the finest quality. 

Inspired by the goddess of the dawn, Aurora is the warmth and optimism of the rising sun captured in a bottle.

Bright and bracing, Silvanus evokes a walk in the deepest part of the forest, accompanied by nothing but clean air and birdsong.

The Nero Collection

Nero collection

Our Nero Collection is dedicated to an exploration of the arts. Poet, musician, artist and actor, Emperor Nero was a famous pleasure seeker. His reign was characterised by extravagance, lavish parties and a love of creativity and artistic expression. Our Nero Collection is powerful, artfully constructed, and as dynamic as the emperor for which it is named.

Vanilla Edesia
Vanilla Edesia is truly a scent which is a feast for the senses, resonant and exciting, it takes gourmand fragrances to a new level.

Vici Leather
Vici Leather is  confident and will charm those who wish to exude effortless elegance, success and passion. 

Mercurial Cashmere
Mercurial Cashmere is unique and highly celebrated. It will turn heads and captivate attention wherever you wear it. One spritz and you’ll see why this is one of our best-selling perfumes.

Indulgent, soft and romantic, Vixere will suit those who enjoy taking pleasure in quiet moments, surrounded by the most sumptuous of blooming flowers. 

Summanus is the perfect evening scent for those who want smouldering intensity, dark, brooding looks and an air of mystery.

This daring and sultry cedar fragrance demands the attention of everyone who passes.

Black Caviar
Black Caviar is an aromatic composition with hints of oceanic saltiness. It’s a scent for those who want to smell crisp and well put together throughout the day.

The Consort Collection

two patchouli perfumes

The Romans achieved their successes not just through conquest, but also through collaboration. Our Consort Collection is a celebration of the art of collaboration and an invitation to experience perfumery ingredients through different lenses. In this collection, we collaborate with the finest perfumers to create fresh takes and new perspectives on well-loved fragrance ingredients.

Persephone’s Patchouli
Bright, approachable and with just a touch of fruitiness, Persephone’s Patchouli will suit those looking for a scent that can be worn for any occasion but which doesn’t compromise on character. 

Patchouli of the Underworld
Patchouli of the Underworld is an unapologetically dark fragrance. The scent is earthy and raw, giving the feeling of having ventured into a hidden kingdom.

The Lustrous Collection

Cosmic view of Aquila Absolute perfume

For the Romans the stars were the gateway to the gods. Astronomers and astrologers, the Romans looked to the heavens to find meaning in their everyday lives. The Lustrous Collection celebrates the beauty and mystery of the sky, and the wonders to be found in gazing skyward.

Aquila Absolute
Inspired by the Aquila constellation of the eagle, this cosmic perfume expresses the majestic beauty of the eagle in flight. 

Puritas is a great fragrance for those looking for a signature scent which is outside the ordinary, but retains a classical heart and sense of sophistication.  

Celestial is a fitting tribute to the heavenly bodies, and the search for knowledge which inspired it. It pays tribute to that curiosity and search for meaning, lifting us both to the heavens and reminding us to stay grounded.

The Emperor Collection

Emperors of the Roman world could command the best of everything and our Emperor Collection celebrates only the rarest, most exquisite of ingredients. Appropriately housed in our signature, royal purple bottles, these are scents for connoisseurs and for those who demand only the finest of ingredients in the most memorable compositions.

Gladiator Oud
With Gladiator Oud we pay tribute to the strength of the gladiator, their ability to triumph over adversity, and the grit and determination with which they approached the challenges they faced. Gladiator Oud is a fragrance for anyone in search of strength and fortitude. 

Cupid’s Kiss
Cupid’s Kiss is a sumptuous and timeless blend of the softest suede and tempting orris. Inspired by the complexity of love, Cupid’s Kiss is multifaceted and contradictory, in turn showing elements which are sensuous, delicate, nostalgic, and powerful.

In honour of National Fragrance Week, we’re giving one lucky perfume lover a chance to win a Discovery Set. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter.

Ready to embark on your scent safari? Shop the Electimuss London Discovery Set here.

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