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Luxury fragrance house Electimuss launch the “Consort Collection” with two distinctive patchouli perfumes

Consort, the latest collection in Electimuss’ ever-growing portfolio, explores the dualities and relationships that colour our modern world and that of the Ancient Romans. To introduce the new collection, Electimuss collaborated with master perfumers, Christian Provenzano and Kévin Mathys to each create a perfume that tells the story of Persephone and Pluto through a central note of patchouli. The myth’s inherent polarities of life and death, light and dark, spring and harvest come to life in a pair of interdependent, yet entirely unique scents.

Both perfumes retail 100 ml pure parfum £245  $330  €290 


persephone’s patchouli by christian provenzano

Persephone, an extraordinary beauty, has come to represent purity, springtime and nature. Provenzano evokes the joyous purity of her spirit by using patchouli heart, a distinctly cleaner and fresher version of patchouli obtained through a careful extraction process.

The fragrance opens with cardamom, plum and pomegranate seeds, an olfactive nod to the fruit that would ultimately seal Persephone’s fate. The heart sees patchouli combined with floral notes of Bulgarian rose and Egyptian jasmine and a hint of plum, underpinned by a creamy base of blond woods and a hint gourmand with honey and coffee.


patchouli of the underworld by kévin mathys

The Underworld was the final destination for the dead but the deepest part of the earth was also a place of great opulence – filled with jewels, precious metals, oils and minerals. Hades represented the shadow self, a dark sexuality, Pluto’s power and wealth.

Mathys lures the wearer into Pluto’s Underworld with an intoxicatingly dark and carnal patchouli that he describes as “furry in texture and as black as a panther.” The daring fragrance opens with a night breeze made from pink and black peppers, bergamot and mandarin. These opening notes enhance the camphorous quality of the patchouli that follows. Here, in the heart of the fragrance, Mathys uses a suede leather accord, cade, and rich smoky woods to strengthen the character of a silent musk. In the base, cistus, labdanum and amber create the furry, panther-like quality that he sought.


“The new CONSORT collection is about creative collaborations. Our first two perfumes to launch pivot on a single ingredient PATCHOULI: explored with two perfumers, to create two very different interpretations. For me, this iconic ingredient is full of contradictions, it appears fresh, aromatic and verdant, but delivers an unexpectedly dark, spicy, powerful punch. With such duality there was only one legend to choose to explore it: Pluto, King of the Underworld and his bride Persephone.

It has been a pleasure to work with such talented perfumers on this collaboration. Christian Provenzano and Kevin Mathys have both brought their meticulous, creative and thoughtful responses to create a dynamic pair of unique, daring and decadent perfumes.”  Claire Sokell Thompson, Creative Director


Global launch 24th MARCH

Consort collection press release
Consort collection lifestyle images

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