Perfume reviews in 2022

A round up of the latest reviews of Electimuss perfumes in 2022.

Until you have one of our fragrances in your hands it can be a challenge to imagine the depths and complexities of a particular scent. Our perfumes are carefully crafted to stimulate the senses with a harmonious medley of ingredients.

To give you a head start, here is a cross section of reviews from a variety of perfume experts and enthusiasts that will give you a feel for our new fragrances and some established perfumes that have taken on a life of their own.

Persephone’s Patchouli

Released in 2022: An elegant woody amber perfume with a clean floral heart of Egyptian jasmine, patchouli and a tint of rose.

Warmth and intrigue with the very first spritz. Deep, dark, and completely intoxicating velvety and rich.

The most sexy patchouli scent we have experienced.


 The sort of patchouli you want to sink into with a wanton sigh. The opulence of the scent is twisted up a notch by the lovely thread of honey which cuts through the fragrance and is both golden and comforting in its sweetness.

Nicola tomis fragrantica

Patchouli of the Underworld

Released in 2022: The idea for Patchouli of the Underworld was to build a black patchouli, with a furry texture as black as a panther.

Deep, dark and completely intoxicating. Velvety with a rich woody character. Yet when masterfully blended with floral heart-notes of Egyptian jasmine and rose and citrusy top-notes of plum and pomegranate accompanied with a patchouli base note you get a lighter scent that transitions you divinely throughout all seasons.


Patchouli of the Underworld opens with a blast of warm, sweet, smoky leather. It feels like leather which is soaked in some sort of fruity sweet juice. These fruitier tones give the impression of something precious nestled within the swirling darkness of leather, spices and smoke.

Nicola tomis fragrantica

Mercurial Cashmere

Released in 2021: This luxurious amber oriental perfume is sensuous, soft and delightful with a resinous base. 

Steven from Redolessence says it is a bold, head-turning fragrance…if you like notes like vanilla, caramel, cashmere wood, agar wood in the base that is quite smooth.


This aromatic woody citrus fragrance wears its power lightly with a heady blend of woody and floral notes.

It has garnered enthusiastic reviews with its smoothness and scents of tuberose and vanilla highlighted amongst others. Here is Ai_TheGreat with her take on it:

Black Caviar

This is the ultimate luxury. A salty woody top note, fragrant heart of lavender and sage, earthy base of vetiver and patchouli. Stephan Matthews takes up the story:

Black Caviar erupts with a green aromatic quality, reminiscent of sharp mint and rosemary, before being joined by notes of salty cumin and geranium. This latter pairing gives a sensual skin quality to the fragrance, and is clearly where the caviar aspect is weaved into the scent.

The lavender arrives accompanied by a floral sweetness, imagine the delicacy of rosewater, before an earthy pairing of vetiver and patchouli starts to anchor the scent. There’s a final touch of tonka bean and oakmoss as the fragrance settles but, in the background, a clever note of cedarwood and incense ensures Black Caviar always maintains an exciting crispness.

Am I allowed to call this the perfect aquatic fougère? I guess I just have.

Stephane matthews


This seductive and smoky wood perfume has a medicinal top and warm spicy base with rare exotic ingredients from across the Silk Road.

The fragrance kicks off with an incredible tangy smoky resinous vibe from Elemi, Sicilian bergamot, cypress, Madagascan tagetes and smoky woody hints coming from Cedar which is the core of the heart of this fragrance with a very well balanced spicy touch of cumin that has been blended very well with Nagarmotha which play a major role in the smokiness of the fragrance.

The performance of this fragrance is top notch beast mode and I personally enjoy it in the evenings of cooler seasons.


Electimuss roundel

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