Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is upon us and if you’re looking for a special way to celebrate, why not gift something that will remind your mother, or the mother figure in your life, of your love with every spritz? Perfume’s ability to evoke emotions makes it the perfect gift for your loved one.

From a luxurious unboxing experience to the opulent gold-topped bottles, guaranteed to stand out amongst any existing collection, Electimuss London’s long-lasting fragrances are so much more than the quality ingredients.

Showstopping perfumes

Gift your mother the spotlight she deserves with one of our showstopping scents.

NEW: Cupid’s Kiss

Shipping from the 28th February 2024, but available to order now

100ml bottle

£395 €445 $500

Cupid’s Kiss is a sumptuous and timeless blend of the softest suede and tempting orris. Inspired by the complexity of love, Cupid’s Kiss is multifaceted and contradictory, in turn showing elements which are sensuous, delicate, nostalgic, and powerful.

Opening with the warm embrace of lively pink pepper, with the contrast of zingy bergamot, the start of Cupid’s Kiss references the electricity of first meetings. This gradually melts into a heart of buttery, sophisticated orris contrasted against a rounded immortelle. Finally, the base of this spellbinding scent infatuates with smooth sandalwood and the softest suede, giving an animalic and enticing touch to this elegant and eternal composition.

Mercurial Cashmere

100ml bottle

£235 €280 $310

The opening of Mercurial Cashmere is bright and bold, sparkling with pink pepper and bergamot. The cardamom adds a warm iridescence to the composition which quickly gives way to a sumptuous and luxurious heart. The white floral petals of tuberose are nestled on a bed of buttery and velvety grey amber, seductive and delicious. Violet and iris temper the heart of the scent and provide balance and poise, not too sweet, not too floral. 

Vanilla, caramel and tonka bean provide a luxurious base on which the fragrance rests. Cashmere woods and cedar give a smooth feel, whilst oud provides touches of contrast. Mercurial Cashmere is a unique and highly celebrated fragrance which will turn heads and captivate attention wherever you wear it.

Vanilla Edesia

100ml bottle

£235 €280 $310

Vanilla Edesia is truly a scent which is a feast for the senses, resonant and exciting, it takes gourmand fragrances to a new level. It opens with a delightfully lively mix of citruses and spices, combined with a delectable bitter almond facet. This deepens as cumin and coriander come to the forefront, highlighting the creamy vanilla which lies at the heart of the scent. Trust us when we say, this is no ordinary gourmand scent.

Floral scents

Gift your mother a bouquet in a bottle with one of our fabulous floral scents.


100ml bottle

£185 €220 $245

Gentle warmth and dawn light are characteristic of this fragrance which opens with a spicy blend of saffron, cloves, oud and cardamom. This piquancy quickly diffuses into a heart which is full of the finest rose, smoothed by radiant sandalwood and warmed further by patchouli. The composition positively glows as it moves towards a clean, pillowy base of ambergris and white musk, whilst the lingering touches of rose continue to colour the fragrance with velvety touches.


100ml bottle

£295 €340 $390

Complex spices lend a light amber tone to an aromatic woody base. A trio of roses – Bulgarian rose, Indian rose absolute and Turkish rose bring a warm, floral heart to the scent, which is velvety and rich. 

Celestial settles into a warm, woody base which continues to resonate with the earlier floral and spicy aspects. Cyclical and luminous, Celestial is a gorgeous and traditional rose-filled bouquet.


100ml bottle

£185 €220 $245

Opening with uplifting citruses and pear and then quickly melting into a sumptuous heart of rose which is pillowy, decadent and indulgent, Rhodanthe is both rich and opulent. This rose heart is supported by saffron, violet and a raspberry accord creating an alluring effect. 

Rhodanthe is a must-have for lovers of rose-based fragrances, it draws you in with its dangerous allure, and captivates with exquisite ingredients of the finest quality.


100ml bottle

£235 €280 $310

Perhaps roses aren’t your thing? Vixere takes the wearer on a stroll through beautiful palace gardens with its indulgent, sensual and creamy floral composition. Vixere opens with an aromatic citrus grove and then meanders into a heady cloud of violet and creamy white flowers.

The fragrance completes its journey by sinking into a creamy bed of sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli and amber. Indulgent and romantic, Vixere suits those who enjoy taking pleasure in quieter moments.

Patchouli fragrance

The patchouli heart your mother is bound to love but not as she knows it. Electimuss London has evolved patchouli fragrances to create bright and unique scents.

patchouli of the underworld

Persephone’s Patchouli

100ml bottle

£245 €290 $330

Persephone’s Patchouli enters with a fresh and elegant cardamom lightly laced with plum and pomegranate. Bright and uplifting, the fragrance has the energy and feel of a warm spring day. A vivacious and versatile scent, Persephone’s Patchouli encapsulates the abundance of nature at the peak of her powers. Bright, approachable and with just a touch of fruitiness, Persephone’s Patchouli will suit those looking for a fragrance that can be worn for any occasion but which doesn’t compromise on character.

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