Imperium in the spotlight

Imperium is getting great acclaim in customer reviews - here's our round up.

Have you met our rising star? Imperium is in the spotlight getting fantastic customer reviews so it’s no surprise it’s our seasonal bestseller this season, to find out more read on…

She’s here!! Electimuss Imperium the love is real…literally, if I never buy another fragrance again, I would truly be OK ..because this queen right here trumps every single bottle I own and I own a lot.

Tanisha Perez-Silvers

Imperium with bergamot

Imperium bounces into the room with vitality and glamour. The two heroes in the top notes are Bergamot and Coriander. The bergamot, responsibly farmed on the hillsides of Calabria in southern Italy at an altitude of 250m. This bittersweet Bergamot orange has a spicy floral edge, it’s highly fragrant, fresh and slightly green. Paired with the sweet, peppery, floral and slightly warm woody notes of Coriander which add a herbaceous spicy aura. 

I’m running out of superlatives. This is an insanely beautiful creation, a wonderful gourmand perfume as you wish. The real perfume connoisseur and enthusiast will appreciate and love Imperium.


The heart of Imperium is a fresh and slightly spicy floral. Rose, lily, saffron, jasmine, neroli, tuberose make for a floral that’s beautifully blended and balanced. None of the notes are the hero in the heart, they blend in perfect harmony for a fragrant fresh floral, slightly creamy but not narcotic. 

So, this is a bright and beautiful composition that has some sparkling citruses, some green nuances and a creaminess that comes from the woods and vanilla.



Then Imperium unfurls into a irresistible smooth, warm, resinous Madagascan Vanilla and amber base with soft undertones of musk, oud and patchouli.

Sexy, seductive, sultry vanilla.


IMPERIUM in Ancient Rome meant power, the intoxicating power of high office and to gain Imperium required gravitas, intellect, charm, popularity, presence and ambition. This scent exudes confidence, style, status and elegance. It’s easy to wear and never fails to get compliments.

Bright and light. Warm and uplifting. Slightly gourmand. Masterpiece. Unique. Got its own character. Perfectly blend. Worth the price.????????


Imperium by Electimuss in the Eternal collection is another one that will be a favorite anytime, any day.


If you want to see more, here are a couple of video reviews – Redolessence calls Imperium the ‘Holy Grail Vanilla Fragrance!’

Whilst ai_thegreat is bowled over by Imperium in her incredible and entertaining review – we love her enthusiasm.

Hey guys ???????? in today’s perfume review, I’m sharing a new mind blowing sexy vanilla fragrance from Electimuss parfum IMPERIUM ????????. 

Electimuss roundel

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