This collection of limited edition fragrances uses exquisite oils and resins of such rare quality that larger scale production is impossible.
Constructed by the finest of olfactory talents and created for connoisseurs.

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Explore our entire collection of 20 perfumes PLUS get a sample vial of limited release scent Alkout (not currently available online), and 20 complimentary Electimuss blotters so th


By Christian Provenzano This bold and spicy oud rose is a powerful, rich statement scent befitting an emperor. The blend is bold, daring and refined.


By Julien Rasquinet The best Agarwood resin, as cited throughout ancient religious scriptures, is extracted from the Aquilaria tree. Its rich cognac no


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“Overall Amber Aquilaria by Electimuss is an opulent amber fragrance with huge projection and sillage for those who like to make a statement.”
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"Amber Aquilaira begins with bright sparkling bergamot which melts into a heart of roses. Rich velvet petals mesmerise before falling into an opulent pillow of warm amber, sandalwood, vanilla and rare oud from the Aquilaria tree. Amber Aquilaria is truly special.”
black caviar
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"If there is a fragrance that can boost confidence — Black Caviar is it. Because it’s true to the brand’s name — Electimuss means choosing the best, enough said.”
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“I really love the Trajan scent very sophisticated and classy perfume , smells absolutely fantastic woody and sweet with fresh citrus opening, that can be worn just as well by both men and women.”
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“Opulence, luxury and ease echoed. Well-being and success in the air ... the seductive Bulgarian rose, the precious Persian incense, the warm Iranian oud and the enveloping spices and resins of saffron, pink pepper and Olibanum from the East.”
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"Vixere is a light, slightly sweet and powdery gourmand floral. The dry down is heavenly especially if you love vanilla, amber and tonka. This is not too heavy and in your face. It’s delicate gentle and graceful. Big fan of this one!"
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“Puritas is one of the latest Electimuss creations. With a quality in the line that we are used to and a spectacular final result. I personally adore elemi, it has a resinous and aromatic point that fascinates me.”
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This bold and spicy oud rose is a powerful, rich statement scent befitting an emperor. The blend is bold, daring and refined. Saffron, pink pepper and incense create a strong oriental tone and the smoky amber and rich velvety Bulgarian rose heart colour the powerful Iranian oud and leathery base.
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"This scent is classified as the definitive Amber oriental. All Electimuss perfumes have this subtle “sex” as an undertone, but if you want something less classically sexy and more sweetly seductive, this is a perfect one."
@ perfume_and_style_addict
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"I'm running out of superlatives. This is an insanely beautiful creation, a wonderful gourmand perfume as you wish. The real perfume connoisseur and enthusiast will appreciate and love Imperium. The perfume concentration is 30%. The longevity is amazing more than 10h."
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"Ladies and Gentleman, please make sure to put @electimusslondon on your radar. The presentation 💯 The bottles 💯 The juice 💯 The Prestige 💯You’re going to want to pay close attention to this house. Get your nose on ALL OF THEM."


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