This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Christian Provenzano, the nose behind several Electimuss fragrances.


This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Christian Provenzano, the nose behind several Electimuss fragrances. He created both fragrances in our LUSTROUS Collection launched Summer 2020: Celestial and Puritas. He is also the creator behind Capua and Summanus in our NERO Collection and Octavian in our EMPEROR Collection.

Christian Provenzano perfumerChristian’s fragrances have an unmistakable quality born from an attention to detail and selecting the finest natural ingredients available.  This passion and knowledge of essential oils evolved from Christian’s childhood in Morocco surrounded by the most evocative olfactory experiences and ingredients.

His love of perfumery was first nurtured in Europe where he trained and evolved as he travelled the world exploring how different cultures use fragrances whilst developing a deep knowledge of ingredients. Today Christian is one of the world’s preeminent noses with an impressive instinct for predicting trends.  Most recently Christian has been based in Dubai where he has developed a love and passion for Oriental perfumery whose influences are evident as a growing trend in perfumery across the globe with the increasing use of ingredients commonly found in the Asia. These local influences are evident in the rare and precious ingredients found in Christian’s fragrances.

Christian is a truly inspirational perfumer with a passion and dedication for fragrance and a rare knowledge of what makes winning fragrances. His encyclopaedic knowledge of ingredients and his ability to combine them in just the right combinations to produce innovative and memorable scents.




“I focused on the theme of natural oud. It is a dark oriental fragrance fusing rich and luxurious oud with the opulence of rose absolute and leather spicy nuances of saffron. I added a veil of ambers to elevate the oriental character and two qualities of olibanum to bring a vertical resinous effect.”


“I envisioned a fragrant smoke with the fierceness of a fuming volcano. A mystical and sultry fragrance that revolves around smoky woody notes and balsamic ambers. A unique and tantalising blend of cade and rich smoked precious woods adds an oriental twist. I used vetiver Haiti for its earthy and smoky tones together with a cedarwood note with resinous facets. For the ambery character I added cistus labdanum for its balsamic dimension with leathery almost animalic dry down. A kashmir fusion brings powerful dry amber tones and a velvety musky trail.”


“A tribute to the emblematic rose. Bulgarian rose is layered with vibrant spices and sensuous ambers. I used responsibly sourced cardamom from Guatemala for its crisp freshness and black pepper from Sri Lanka to add a heat rush. The base features earthy nagarmotha combined with leathery smoky tones of guaiac balanced with a suave trail of creamy sandalwood and gourmand undertones.”


“I worked on the synergy between saffron and rose. I used two extracts of rose: rose absolute for its spicy and tobacco undertones and rose oil for its fruity, honey and almost whiskey top notes. Black pepper is combined with an exclusive pepper fusion which adds a new dimension to the spicy combo. Olibanum works together with cedar to add a resinous incense-like woody character. The dry down is warm woody with balsamic and musky undertones.”


“A resinous oriental fragrance in which I used different qualities of olibanum: olibanum oil for its fresh spicy lemony top note and olibanum resin for its woody and balsamic undertone. The fragrance opens with a sharp incense note enhanced with elemi resin and a green herbal touch of absinthe. There is a spicy edge of saffron that mingles with rose at the heart creating a smooth leather texture. I used Indian tuberose for its sweet spicy white floral tonalities. The dry down has the warmth of amber, deep patchouli and a sweet powdery finish of tonka beans.”


Puritas perfume

By Christian Provenzano This is a striking saffron and incense perfume with a floral heart and a warm leathery base. The frankincense

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Celestial perfume

By Christian Provenzano Celestial is an amber woody floral with a heart of frankincense and exotic roses. Complex, light and very wear

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Octavian perfume 100ml

By Christian Provenzano This bold and spicy oud rose is a powerful, rich statement scent befitting an emperor. The blend is bold, daring and refined.

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By Christian Provenzano This sensuous and rich amber rose opens with a fruity and fragrant bolt of cardamom, bergamot, orange, pine and ginger and melt

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Capua perfume by Electimuss

By Christian Provenzano This daring and sultry smoky cedar demands attention. The bright citrussy entrance, pivots quickly to reveal a darker side: a s

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Consort Collection

Our first two fragrances to launch in the CONSORT Collection are an exploration of a single central note through two very different lenses within the same story: that of the Persep

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persephone's patchouli

By Christian Provenzano This delightful woody amber perfume enters with a fresh and elegant cardamom, lightly laced with plum an

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Pomona Vitalis Perfume

By Christian Provenzano PERFUMER'S NOTE “Pomona Vitalis opens with fruity facets of lychee, strawberry and apple balanced with a sparkle of bergamot. The lyc

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Christian Provenzano perfumer

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