The perfect gift is thoughtful, generous and original and delivers surprise, theatre and impact.

Perfume is one of the most personal gifts


It’s hard to give a gift more meaningful and intimate than a fragrance you want to wear for the rest of your life. WHY? In part, because perfume is so personal it can be one of the hardest presents to buy, so when you get it right the impact is incredibly moving. And what’s more, every time they were the perfume they will think of you. So we’re here to help you choose the perfect perfume as a gift for someone else.

The perfect gift is thoughtful, generous and original and delivers surprise, theatre and impact. We’ve got that covered.

Electimuss bottles are an elegant addition to any fragrance collection, they are beautiful, substantial bottles and at a 100ml they feel extravagant and luxurious. Our perfumes are made with rare, fine ingredients and the high concentration (between 25-30%)  ensures they have great longevity and projection, so they last very well too. 

So now it’s down to thoughtfulness, to finding the right fragrance – so here’s our gifting guide of 2021 to help you find the perfect present. 

I’m a man of simple tastes: I’m always satisfied with the best


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Step 1 Scent sleuthing

It may sound obvious but if you choose what you like, it’s unlikely it’s what someone else would choose for themselves (we’ve all made that mistake). So consider the person you are buying for and do a bit of sleuthing to work out what they like. You don’t need to be obvious, there are clues everywhere.


What are their general likes and dislikes? What’s their style – are they minimalist, edgy or classic? Are they foodies and do they prefer spicy foods sweet treats or savoury? Do they like to stand out with bright colours and statement pieces, or are they more subtle in their presence. What do they already have in their fragrance collection already and where are the gaps? There is always space in a collection for a new scent, for different seasons and occasions. Are you looking for a romantic scent or even a fragrance that you can share? Are you looking for something seductive? A statement scent or something more versatile and wearable everyday?  

Now look at their fragrance and home fragrance collections (tip look for the half empty bottles to see which they really use and like). Look at the notes and the styles of fragrance they prefer. Fragrances generally fall into the following fragrance types: floral, fresh, amber, fougere, woody, chypre, gourmand, take a look at the scents they favour. And also consider whether they tend to like scents where individual ingredients are easily identified (like rose and oud), or whether they choose a more complex blend. Our CUSTOMER SERVICE team are always here to offer personal advice, please contact us for more help.

It is a luxury to be understood

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Step 2 Use our gift edits to discover the perfect fragrance

Now you have an idea about the style, occasion and type of fragrance you are after SHOP our GIFT EDIT – we have selected fragrances to suit individual styles and occasions. And with our Black Friday offer of 5 free samples and FREE worldwide delivery (find out more on where we deliver here).

We have curated the perfect fragrances to suit everyone:

For Lovers

Finding the best perfume as a special gift for your other half shows you put a lot of thought into their special gift. When they wear it everyday they will think of you. And if you can find a perfume you both love to wear and share, it becomes a delicious secret and powerful invisible bond. Discover the best fragrances romantic, raunchy, seductive and ‘wear to share’.

Statement Scents

Some people love to make a statement, they love to express themselves confidently an to be noticed. We have curated the perfect stand out scents for the brave or for special occasions.

Versatile and Wearable Everyday

For everyday scents that will charm everyone, discover our collection of exquisite and wearable scents.

Shortlist for the Gourmands, Connoisseurs and the Perfumistas in your life

Find new scents for the niche fragrance connoisseurs who are daring and individual, god forbid anyone else would be wearing the same fragrance. 

For the Holiday Season

And finally, it’s the holiday season. Choosing a sensational seasonal scent can be just what you need to put you in the festive spirit. So whether you’re self-gifting or buying for someone else, here’s our edit of the best winter perfumes and the perfumes to wear during Christmas.

“The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive.”


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