Hello, we are Electimuss London.

Our mission is to create fragrances we love, for lovers of fragrances who seek and appreciate the best in quality, creativity and individuality.


We’re inspired by Ancient Rome and the Romans’ obsession for perfume along with the epic stories that echo through their empire and mythology.

Scent was woven into the rich tapestry of everyday life. Fountains were scented with rose water and perfume was part of cleansing rituals, celebration, feasts, seduction and worship. Through the mists of time, Roman legends whisper of epicurean pleasures and extravagance, of ambition and seduction. These colourful tales and rituals provide the inspiration for all our fragrances.


The Romans were the original perfume connoisseurs on a constant quest for the finest things in life. They collected perfume oils and ingredients from across the Empire, following the Silk Road from West to East. We share that obsession for creativity, quality and the quest for the best.

Electimuss means “to choose the best” in Latin and that ethos is at the heart of our brand. Exquisite oils and resins in our fragrances are rare and precious and blended with meticulous attention paid to every note and detail.

We care passionately about quality. All of our fragrances are 25% or 30% Pure Parfum / Extrait and our blends are unashamedly decadent and daring.

We take the same care in our presentation. Our perfumes are presented in beautifully crafted bottles with heavy carved glass and metal carved caps and capes which echo Roman architecture and symbolism; and our atomisers are carefully designed to deliver just the right amount of perfume with every spray.


We love to create intense and indulgent fragrances with potent combinations which make for powerful long lasting perfumes with unbeatable projection and longevity. This ensures a spray goes a long way and that you get the most out of your perfume.


We seek the finest in quality but we also believe in fair pricing and value. The quality of our fragrances exceeds other fragrances in our price range because we want to share our passion and perfumes with fragrance lovers with different budgets, so our aim is to offer affordable luxury.


We work with some of the world’s most talented perfumers. Our collection boasts fragrances by Julien Rasquinet, Christian Provenzano, John Stephens, Marco Genovese and Sofia Bardelli.


We see fragrance as an essential act of self-expression and by creating distinctive and individual fragrances we can elevate the every day and enable personal expression through scent. We create perfumes that our customers love, share, play with and collect.


We are independent, founder owned and not afraid to do things differently: a contemporary luxury fragrance house founded in 2015 by Luke Granger and Jason Collison joined in 2020 by Claire Sokell Thompson, our Brand Creative & Communications Director .

If you want to know more about us please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Luke, Jason and Claire

Find out more about our services from scent selection advice to support for personal shoppers.


We have four collections ranging from £165 to £395 with a new collection soon to launch.
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