Kevin Mathys is the perfumer behind the latest patchouli fragrance from Electimuss.

Read about our talented master perfumer Kévin Mathys, the creator of Patchouli of the Underworld and his vision of this powerful, exciting new perfume.

Kévin grew up in the countryside in France and was always passionate about the world of scents. He played by mixing cologne together in his childhood and this lead him naturally to the perfumery path. 

For him, perfume is an emotional trigger allowing him to be a part of peoples lives, by them wearing his creations. Inspired by fragrance and, more simply, why some perfumes can attract more than others, Kévin was fascinated by their constructions, always having a lot of questions to ask perfumers. 

“The beginning is the most exciting part of the process, I have tons of idea and must choose between those… most enjoyable is to find your perfume on the shelves, the best reward of all ”

KÉvIn Mathys

Knowing that fragrance was the industry for him, Kévin began by training himself online on raw materials, after studying in Montpellier he was hired as a trainee perfumer at Bell F&F in Leipzig under the mentor Sebastian Reuter.

Outside of perfumery Kévin has interests in sketching, nature, swimming, hiking and it influences the fragrance creations he makes. These outside interests help to nurture the process and creativity of making new perfumes.

When we worked with Kévin on the brief for Patchouli of the Underworld, our vision was to create a brooding perfume with dark sexuality to bring to life the story of Pluto, his passions and the opulence of the Underworld.

“The idea was to build a black patchouli, with a furry texture as black as the panther. It starts with pink and black pepper blended with citrus for a fresh dark top note enhancing the camphor notes of patchouli. I played with a suede leather accord with a smoky twist and rich smoked precious woods to create a synergy between resins and woods and strengthen the character of musk. I softened that with a blend of cistus, labdanum extracts and other amber notes to give the furry and smooth signature. Bits of carnation (spicy rose character) and other floral elements are enriching the fragrance to give it depth and structure.”

Kévin Mathys

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